Breakfast Barn – Achrafieh

Ok. Let’s take a break from abroad and look at something local; by local I mean in Lebanon. Salted Caramel is Lebanese. Nowadays, the healthy menus that include quinoa and kale are all the fad here. Introducing an all-day healthy breakfast corner called Breakfast Barn.

I really like the wooden tables with the integrated plants as well as the barn detail of the fork and spade on the placemat. On the menu, they have a variety of bread called “toastees” with toppings to choose from; I especially enjoyed the one with dried cranberries. As for the eggs, the presentation was appealing yet I disliked the texture and “doneness”. I would also like to comment about the service; it was mediocre and inconsistent among the staff members. All in all, I appreciated the fact that it was an all-day breakfast concept instead of being limited to a certain timing and that they are trying to be health-conscious.