Bits and Pieces – Portugal

Bits and Pieces the Third:


Guilty by Olivier – Lisbon: This restaurant is among other restaurants owned by well-established Portuguese chef Olivier da Costa. We went to Guilty by Oliver on the first night we arrived in Lisbon, and I am so glad we did. It is a place dominated by the youth, but not in a bad way. This eatery has a vibrant ambiance with great service. Its salads and pizza were delectable, and I really enjoyed my night out. It makes me want to try other restaurants by Olivier.


Time Out Market Lisboa – Lisbon: This historic market hall houses different food stalls, each with their own concept and cuisine. It is very interesting to stroll around and choose various items to create your own collage of a menu tailored to your preferences. After you find a space at a table (which was a miracle on the night we went; Portugal was playing football on a big screen), one of you offers to utilize himself/herself physically as a reservation pawn, while the other orders food. When the person comes with his/her buzzer awaiting to be summoned when the meal is ready, you may have your turn to do the same. Hopefully, you would both end up eating at the same time together on that common wooden table.

The Insolito – Lisboa

We waited in line for The Insolito but it was worth it. The climb to the top was in an archaic elevator with lovely wallpaper and a wooden door. The restaurant is situated on a rooftop overlooking Lisbon. The waiters are friendly and the service is great. The ambiance is relaxed and one feels comfortable. The food was flavorful; the sauces were delicious. For desserts, we ordered three, two of which came with the pairing of alcoholic drinks which was interesting. Also, one with a coconut flavored theme came with a “singing coconut”; a hollow coconut was filled with a speaker (don’t worry when you’ve had your laugh and you’re done being amused by the music accompanying your dessert, you can turn it off). I really enjoyed the whole dinner and would go again if I happen to go to Lisbon.


Tagide Wine and Tapas Bar – Lisboa

The more I see my photographs of food I ate in Lisbon, the more I realize how much I enjoyed eating at their restaurants. Tagide Wine and Tapas Bar, the casual counterpart of the more formal Tagide restaurant, has a great comfortable atmosphere. The waiters were friendly, much like all of the Portuguese people, and the food was delicious. I loved the goblet-like cup and the hammered metal bowl. As a dessert option on the menu, they had their special take on a famous traditional Portuguese pastry. Their pastel de nata was served warm and instead of cinnamon just being a topping with powdered sugar, they added a scoop of cinnamon ice cream on the side to further reinforce the taste of the cinnamon. An additional interesting element they had was the wine dispenser. You are provided with a card on which your wine selections and quantity are recorded. If I ever visit Lisboa again, based on my experience with the wine and tapas bar, I would like to try the Tagide restaurant this time.