Tagide Wine and Tapas Bar – Lisboa

The more I see my photographs of food I ate in Lisbon, the more I realize how much I enjoyed eating at their restaurants. Tagide Wine and Tapas Bar, the casual counterpart of the more formal Tagide restaurant, has a great comfortable atmosphere. The waiters were friendly, much like all of the Portuguese people, and the food was delicious. I loved the goblet-like cup and the hammered metal bowl. As a dessert option on the menu, they had their special take on a famous traditional Portuguese pastry. Their pastel de nata was served warm and instead of cinnamon just being a topping with powdered sugar, they added a scoop of cinnamon ice cream on the side to further reinforce the taste of the cinnamon. An additional interesting element they had was the wine dispenser. You are provided with a card on which your wine selections and quantity are recorded. If I ever visit Lisboa again, based on my experience with the wine and tapas bar, I would like to try the Tagide restaurant this time.

Bistro 4 – Lisboa


Isn’t that just beautiful? I had to place this picture out of order; it commanded to be at the very beginning. This was a dessert I had in Portugal, Lisbon to be exact. To be even more exact, I had this “strawberrylicious” dessert at a restaurant called Bistro 4 located in a grand hotel.

Honestly, Lisbon surprised me with how delicious the food is there. The food actually tasted as good as it looked. At Bistro 4, the space was elegant and so was its dining experience. The service was friendly yet still professional; they made us feel comfortable wearing casual attire in a formal atmosphere. On a side note, people in Lisbon were very friendly and welcoming, and they seemed to be happy all the time. I enjoyed the thin slices of meat in the salad as well as the thin crisps that complemented my main course perfectly. The cuisson of the fish was on point; topped with its sauce and the pleasant texture added by the crumble, the outcome was fulfilling. Last, but definitely not least, came the dessert. It was the perfect finish. I really loved how the chef played with the strawberries; presenting them as dehydrated as well as cooked becoming “jam-like”. One shouldn’t forget how the strawberries were placed, as if returning them to the garden they were once in, but improved and more desirable.