Al Hindi Restaurant – Beirut

All throughout lunch I kept debating whether I like the butter chicken or the shrimp malabar more. They are both delicious. The Indian food at Al Hindi Restaurant, in the Warwick Palm Beach Hotel, is extremely flavorful. The melange of spices creates a harmonious symphony that plays inside your mouth. It all started with their tasty papadum. Then, we ordered the dal, butter chicken, shrimp malabar, murg tikka, and pilao (rice). The murg tikka is really tender and nearly melts in your mouth. The creamy sauces of the butter chicken and the shrimp malabar are to die for. The meal ended with the usual loud churning of the machine punching in numbers to produce a paper with the amount due to be settled (for those of you who have been there, you know what I am talking about). However, I will be returning to Al Hindi to enjoy some more of its comforting wholesome Indian cuisine.


Indego by Vineet – Dubai

Moving to Indian cuisine, Indego by Vineet was a dinner filled with spices and aromas. The service was friendly and the atmosphere was relaxed. The food was flavorful although a tad too spicy even though we asked for the heat to be turned down a notch. I loved the mango lassi though and it helped calm down our flaming taste buds making it more possible to taste the other ingredients on the plate. The night ended with a colorful dessert platter; we ordered a selection of Indian desserts. Honestly, I disliked the flavor profile of most of them, but then again this is a matter of taste and preference. Anyway, this ends here. Let’s see where the next blog post takes us!