Thiptara – Dubai

If you are looking for tasty Thai cuisine, Thiptara is a good choice. I originally like the flavor profile of Thai food, and this restaurant did not disappoint. Spending most of my childhood in Nigeria, paw paw (as I call it), or what is more commonly known as papaya, is a familiar fruit that is usually eaten when ripe. I had never tasted it in a Thai salad before but I thought that the unripe green papaya was an interesting ingredient. I am a pad thai fan so I had to order it along side the other fish dishes. It was a good pad thai; everything seemed fresh and vibrant. We then ordered a variety of Thai desserts of which I liked all except the one that had a jelly-like texture in the mouth. I nearly forgot to mention the setting. With a view literally at the lake of the majestic fountains famous in Dubai, Thiptara is ideal for the romantic at heart.