Sofita – Broumana

I love going up to Broumana when Summer comes around, especially for an early dinner because of the cool breeze the evening provides. Situated in the Printania Garden, Sofita is an Italian restaurant with a relaxing environment. As for the food, I did appreciate the creative manner of treating pasta, turning it into a crispy appetizer. It had an interesting taste and a nice crunchy texture to it, but I found it to be a bit heavy as a starter. For my main dish, I ordered the shrimp risotto. I enjoyed the rich and creamy rice, and the grilled shrimp enhanced the flavor of the dish (although they were a bit salty). Also, maybe a few more of the sea creatures embedded within the dish would be great. There was no room for desert this time. However, they did offer us a drink on the house to end the meal. Here, I should add that the waitress was friendly and very dedicated to her job. On the whole, we had a pleasant experience.

The Insolito – Lisboa

We waited in line for The Insolito but it was worth it. The climb to the top was in an archaic elevator with lovely wallpaper and a wooden door. The restaurant is situated on a rooftop overlooking Lisbon. The waiters are friendly and the service is great. The ambiance is relaxed and one feels comfortable. The food was flavorful; the sauces were delicious. For desserts, we ordered three, two of which came with the pairing of alcoholic drinks which was interesting. Also, one with a coconut flavored theme came with a “singing coconut”; a hollow coconut was filled with a speaker (don’t worry when you’ve had your laugh and you’re done being amused by the music accompanying your dessert, you can turn it off). I really enjoyed the whole dinner and would go again if I happen to go to Lisbon.