Bits and Pieces – Spain

Behold the second compilation…


Eyescream and Friends – Barcelona: This cute shop made its debut in Barcelona and it is now expanding to other parts of the world. They have a variety of flavors and a diverse amount of toppings you can choose from. I would not walk far distances to find it again, but if it happens to be nearby I would have another taste.


Granja M. Viader – Barcelona: This place is special because stepping into it is as if you are wandering into the page of a history book. It has existed since 1870 and the eatery has been passed down through the same family for 5 generations! I love how the painted tiles on the floor have even become pale in some places and how old-fashioned the whole feel of the cafe is. Also, do not miss out on tasting the famous Cacaolat drink they created in 1933. I have already been there twice; if I go to Barcelona for a third time, I will definitely try their dense hot chocolate.


La Flauta – Barcelona: In my last trip to Barcelona, this was my first encounter with tapas. I tried several other places after that, but this remained my favorite among the ones I went to. From their patatas bravas to their multi-textured chocolate dessert; it was all delicious. I would want to go there again, and to visit the whole area in Barcelona where La Flauta is located in as well.


Thai Barcelona Royal Cuisine Restaurant – Barcelona: This restaurant had a pleasant ambiance, great service, and flavorful food. For a person who likes Thai cuisine, it will do the trick.


El 300 Del Born – Barcelona

The location of El 300 Del Born and how that impacts its cuisine is what makes this restaurant stand out. It is located in El Born Centre Cultural which is physically a part of history. Situated in the Born historical market structure, El 300 Del Born is a few steps away from an archeological site that lies in the center of the indoor area. The dishes on the menu have been inspired by this historical setting to a great extent. I liked this iron building with its high ceilings; this made the restaurant seem very spacious. The food was good and so was the service. All in all, a pleasant restaurant with a meaningful concept.

Cerveceria Catalana – Barcelona

Remaining in the world of tapas, Cerveceria Catalana is a prime example of that. Honestly, I disliked the ambiance; it was too crowded and noisy for me. Even the service was too fast-paced and the waiters looked as if they were contestants running in a marathon. I felt pressured to eat quickly as if I had to race them to the finish line. The food was okay but nothing was spectacular. They have an interesting item on the menu; chocolate with olive oil, so we ordered that at the end. I thought the merge of the chocolate with the oil was heavy and unpleasant. I guess they were trying to mix savory with sweet, but little did they know that nothing beats Salted Caramel.

Balthazar – Barcelona

Another restaurant in Barcelona, Balthazar has a dimly lit yet spacious interior. We found this place as we were wandering in the city; unlike most restaurants we go to we had not researched it beforehand. The food we ordered fed our hunger in a satisfactory manner. I remember I really liked the sauce that came with the salad. As for the desserts, they were sufficient to fulfill our sugary needs as well, but nothing more noteworthy beyond that.

Alta Taberna Paco Meralgo – Barcelona

I enjoy tapas because it is somehow like a set menu in the fact that you try several courses; the anticipation of what the next platter holds is exciting. When we arrived, we were told that since we had no reservation we had to sit at the bar instead of a regular table. It turns out that the bar seating was closer to the source; where all the action happens. I ordered a gazpacho as my drink and it was really flavorful. Embracing the red fruit, commonly known as a vegetable, we then ate the famous simple traditional Spanish dish: tomato bread. One of the tapas had all eyes on me, literally. I loved the breaded shrimps but this was one shrimp tapa I could not bear to maintain eye contact with. Finally, the Crema Catalana was the something sweet I decided to eat; pardon the rhyming. Unfortunately, the sweetness was masked by a sort of mixture of gasoline-like and something burnt taste. This is most probably due to the blow torch used to caramelize the sugar, except that the result was more burnt than caramel; Salted Caramel doesn’t appreciate being burnt.