I am Salted Caramel. I love food. I realized that most of the photographs, if not all, that I take when I travel involve what I had eaten on the trip. Before traveling, my priority has become to look up potential restaurants to go to, new flavors to savor. Then I noticed that I started taking photographs of food even when I went to local restaurants. So, I thought why not try to put these memories all in one place; hence this blogging attempt.

Why call it salted caramel? Well, I would like to post pictures of savory dishes as well as those of sweet creations..the salty but also the sweet; salted caramel. For those of you who have tasted salted caramel, you also know that the added salt allows the caramel flavor to literally burst with intensity onto your unaware eagerly awaiting taste buds. So, new combinations of ingredients one never thought would go together do, and on the contrary, they enhance the whole experience of tasting and enjoying food; of expanding one’s palate. Isn’t that enough reason to live for? I surely think so.


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