Comptoir des Galeries – Bruxelles

How I came across this place (on the Michelin Guide might I add) was thanks to my craving of the dessert’s photograph that I used to begin this whole blog with. Yes, the Ile Flottante. I was traveling to Brussels again and this time I would not be leaving the Belgian premises unless my taste buds had revisited this sweet confection. It turned out that Comptoir des Galeries surpassed my expectations. I was so happy that I had stumbled upon this cozy restaurant with its wooden chairs and tables.

If I had to choose one word to describe Comptoir des Galeries, it would be: neat. Everything was neat and tidy. The food was presented neatly, the service was as it should be, and the environment was squeaky clean (even the bathrooms were as clean as they could be). I really enjoyed the whole meal; it was delicious and I will definitely be back for more. Finally, the long awaited reunion was here, and I will leave you with the picture of a light airy white floating dessert drizzled with a hint of caramel. May it linger in your thoughts…




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