La Villa in the Sky – Bruxelles

Hello again! From the photographs I have gathered (when I was unaware I would be sharing them), I decided to embark on this journey starting with my beloved city of Brussels. A two Michelin-starred restaurant, La Villa in the Sky is situated at the top of a tall building, literally placing it in the sky.

After going up a dark flight of stairs, you find yourself in a glass box with an open kitchen with chef Alexandre Dionisio busily preparing the meals to come. The staff wear an all black attire with sneakers! I loved that; I was in sneakers myself due to my next stop being the airport and so I felt right at home. Actually, the whole ambiance is comfortable with nothing being too pretentious.

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The food was delicate in presentation as it was in texture. The melange of crispy items with the rest of the plate ingredients, such as the brittle cheese on the chicken or the paper-thin white chocolate pieces, was lovely. Also, the usage of mushroom dust was fascinating to me and I am not a fan of those capped fungi to begin with. Something worth mentioning is my appreciation of the subtle gesture of placing a cover on the dish to keep it warm when the person had to leave the table to go to the restroom. The set menu as a whole was satisfying and had a more or less balanced amount of savory and sweet; of what I would call salted caramel.

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